Christopher Colon sharing laughs with Di Bello in front of Colon’s Monster.

Agora Gallery 2013


“This project started from being in a place where I wanted to challenge myself.” Street vendor by day, Christopher Colon showcased three of his paintings Thursday night. The astounding result of a collaboration with musician and producer Angel B., whose music plays on the iPod minis just below Colon’s pieces, the paintings tell a story of a journey through dreams. Starting with a daydream all the way through to the pain and struggle from reconciling your dreams with reality. Colon underscores his themes by utilizing patterns which equally reference the Art Nouveau movement and absent-minded doodles, and gold foil which acts to remind us of the regality with which we treat our dreams.


Dream In All Her Glory

She prowls within the streets of the wild Purposed to devour the faint

Captivating those who seek her beauty She is paralleled to the success of the elite

Patsy to the despondency of the human mind Known by the nonpareil

They call her Dream

Unearthing her purpose unlocks an addiction to her

Seduced by the perfection of who she is: 

“Dream in All Her Glory”

Modern Day King

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