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Chris Colon – Independent Artist

The artwork of Chris Colon has been described as whimsically exuberant, vibrantly expressive, and richly ornate. Drawing inspiration from graffiti artists, as much as from the Baroque and Art Nouveau movements, Chris’s dreamlike compositions are intended to spark fascination and wonder. His paintings and wearable art straddle the line between pop and traditional, fantasy and reality.

While each of his works is, on some level, an expression of self, Chris continuously seeks to create bolder greater experiences for his audience as well. “I want the viewer to be totally immersed,” Chris explains. “I want people to feel as if it’s their story and journey in some sort of way.”

After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in graphic design, Chris started his career in the arts on the streets of NY as a street vendor. Along with his fine arts background, he specializes in creating one-of-a-kind wearable products that are more of a conversation piece than apparel. His hope is to counteract the monotony of everyday mass-produced brands.

“Above all, I want the customer to feel unique,” he says. “My motivation for every project I start is not only the opportunity to do something fresh, but also to create something for our culture that inspires people to discover their own stories and journeys.”

When asked to offer advice to aspiring artists, Chris’s response reflects the very path he himself has taken: “Be Unique. Be Different. Be Original.”