Whimsically exuberant, the artwork of Christopher Colon sparks fascination and wonder. These paintings are richly ornate and vibrantly expressive, so that it is no surprise that the artist’s biggest inspirations are the Baroque and Art Nouveau movements. Colon delves deeply into fantasy and reality alike, producing dreamlike compositions that wed technical mastery to pure artistic capacity. Stories and narrative elements are present in these works, yet always in a subtle fashion, so that the viewer may see a bit of their own chronicle within this adroitly drawn art. Space is carved neatly and carefully into animated, vivacious passages that represent a uniquely dynamic vision of our world. In these works, the artist courageously seeks continuously to create better, bolder and greater experiences for himself and his audience. “I want the person to be totally immersed within not only the imagery but with the story itself and even relate to it,” Colon explains. “I want people to feel as if it's their story and journey in some sort of way.”